Netflix Cookies Download | Download Cookies Netflix [Daily Updated] for free

Netflix is the best platform to watch our favorite movies and shows. It replaced our old TV cables and it also becomes a significant part of our daily routine. On this page, we’re introducing Netflix Cookies. Netflix Cookies is a cookie method to use Netflix for free. With the help of Netflix cookies, you can use Netflix without any monthly or yearly subscription. If you’re a smartphone user then this method is not available for you. You can use Netflix cookies only in chrome browser on a desktop. You can download and use cookies from this page directly. There is a step by step tutorial available on this page so you can apply it easily.

When we browse any website the website uses cookies to store data on our computer with the help of a browser. Netflix also uses cookies to detect login information. If you’re logged in to Netflix then also there will be  Netflix cookies in your browser. Netflix stores some cookies on our browser to detect whether you are logged in or not. On this website, we will provide cookies of registered and premium accounts. You have to save these cookies directly in your browser after this you can access Netflix premium account for free. This method is called Cookies Netflix method and this is a widely used method because it is a very simple and safe method.
We recommend you to use this method only in the chrome browser because this method works perfectly in chrome browser. We’ll not take any guarantee of other browsers but chrome will be a perfect browser to apply this method. In google chrome, you can add extensions and we need an extension to edit cookies. Let’s begin cookies Netflix method…

Netflix Cookies

Netflix is a widely used platform which streams your favorite movies and shows. To use Netflix you have to buy it’s subscription first then you will get access to Netflix. But on this page, we’re providing some Netflix cookies which provide you Netflix access for free. You can directly download cookies Netflix from here. If you don’t know that how to use cookies then you have to scroll down because there is a tutorial available for you. If you are a beginner to the cookies method then you must read this post carefully.

Netflix Cookies Download 2019

Here we’re providing some cookies which are the latest Netflix cookies and perfectly working cookies just click on any link to download cookies.

Netflix Cookies


Netflix Cookies Method(with pictures)

There is a step by step guide on how to use Netflix Cookies for free. Read below steps carefully.

  1. First of all, open Google Chrome browser in your pc and go to extensions as shown in the picture below.
    Netflix Cookies
  2. Now open chrome web store by clicking on three lines at the left corner like this…
    cookies netflix
  3. Now search for “EditThisCookie” in the Chrome web store and click on add to chrome.
    netflix cookies download
    After installing this plugin there will be a cookie icon available in the right corner. Now open Netflix.
  4. Now, click on this cookie icon and click on import as shown in the picture below.
    download Netflix cookies
  5. Then paste the cookies you’ve downloaded from our website and click on the check button.
    Download Cookies Netflix
  6. Hurray, you can use Netflix for free. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows and Movies on Netflix for free.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) on Netflix Cookies

Q1. What to do if cookies are not working?
Ans. Goto extensions and remove “EditThisCookies” and reinstall it. Close your browser and reopen it, it will make cookies working.

Q2. Can we use cookie method in our smartphones?
. No, we cannot use cookie method in our smartphone because we cannot install extensions in Chrome for mobile. We need “EditThisCookie” chrome extension to use the cookie method.

Q3. Is cookie method is safe to use?
Ans. Yes, it is safe to use but we do not recommend to use this method because this post is only for educational purposes. We do not recommend you to use cookie method because it can hurt someone’s intentions.

Q4. Where to download Netflix Cookies?
. On this page, there is a download link available to download Netflix cookies. You can download directly by clicking the links on this page. If these cookies are not working then you can navigate to the blog section of our website. We update cookies daily.

Q5. What is the cost of downloading Netflix Cookies?
Ans. It is 100% free to download just click on any link and begin downloading Cookies Netflix for free because we don’t charge our users.

This method is just for educational purposes.

Final Verdict…

Netflix Cookies is a cookie method to use Netflix for free on your desktop. If you want to download Netflix Cookies now then you can navigate to the blog section of our website. If you want to use Netflix for free then cookies method is the best option for you. It is the best option for desktop users because you can download all extensions in your chrome browser. Because we update daily cookies on our blog section. If cookies are not working in your PC then you can contact us by filling the contact us form.